Archive | May 31, 2014

CDL Downgrades. What you can do about it.

Many drivers have called and coming in because they have received a downgrade letter in the mail from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  If you failed to return your self certification letter to tell the DMV the type of driving you engage in or expect to, that is usually the reason for that dreaded letter […]

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New Rules! For DOT Physicals.

I hope that Bill Maher doesn’t mind I borrow the title of this post from that popular segment of his on HBO, but I do think the time is ripe for New Rules! for DOT physicals that is. As everyone should be aware of (by everyone I mean truck drivers, doctors, motor carriers, and any one […]

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MedlinePlus: Preparing for surgery when you have diabetes

After hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes is probably the most common problem encountered during the DOT physical examination.  In the last group of drivers we evaluated, approximately 4 drivers in a row tested positive for glucose in their urine.  Some confessed that they were previously diagnosed but didn’t disclose it right away and others were […]

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