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Blood Pressure Monitoring Kiosks Aren’t for Everyone?

Drivers, not only is cuff size important as explained in this article from the FDA, but also remember that hypertension is not diagnosed with just one reading.  Several readings (2-3 readings made at 3 or more separate visits) with your personal physician is usually necessary to see if the elevation is sustained and to diagnose […]

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Commercial Drivers and Neurological Hearing Disorders

DOT FMCSA-FAA-USCG-Rules-Regulations| Randolph Rosarion M.D. Follow up and continuation from an earlier post addressing hearing disorders: The Deaf CMV driver-Hearing Requirements…   Commercial drivers with hearing disorders or trauma, who have symptoms that may interfere with driving, such as balance problems and dizziness need further evaluation by a specialist before they can be certified.  The Conference on […]

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