NYC TLC Certified Medical Exam Center

NYC TLC Medical Medical

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Call 718-701-5949 for your NYC TLC physical examination for more information.

To certify  that applicant for medallion “Yellow” and “Green”  taxicab driver, Black limo/car, Transportation Network Companies (App based For Hire taxi companies) is medically fit to operate a TLC licensed vehicle.  Certified medical doctor will evaluate and complete the Medical Certification Form and certify with official stamp if driver is fit.  Full examination includes screening for vision and hearing deficits.  If applicant has no medical issues, exam can usually be completed in about half an hour and the applicant can receive his certification the same day.  However, If an applicant suffers from certain medical issues such as diabetes or taking medications for vascular, heart conditions or other medical issues, they should be prepared to provide relevant medical records and possibly undergo additional laboratory or diagnostic testing if determined to be necessary.  The cost for any additional testing is in addition to the regular consultation and physical examination fees.   Other optional services available to applicant for additional charges include PPD (for tuberculosis) testing,urine drug testing, as well as breath alcohol testing.


Medical Certification Form 

Contact Us:

120-10 15th Ave. Rm. 6 College Point N.Y. 11356     Tel. 718-701-5949

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