Coast Guard Mariner Physical


Purpose:  To certify that the merchant mariner applicant is physically and mentally fit to perform his or her task on board a vessel or ship during ordinary and emergency conditions.  The mariner must demonstrate on evaluation that they can perform these tasks without the need of assistance.


What to expect when you come in for your merchant mariner physical:  

  • Be prepared to provide at least 45cc of urine for the DOT drug test.  Please bring any corrective lenses or hearing aid that you need with you
  • Complete the Merchant Mariner Medical Evaluation Form (MMMEF).  The form will be provided to you but you can complete it ahead of time before our appointment
  • A certified physician will review the MMMEF with you
  • A complete physical examination will be performed as per CG-719K Merchant Mariner Credential Medical Evaluation Report
  • All paper work will be reviewed with applicant to submit to the U.S. Coat Guard
  • CG-719K (DOT/USCG Periodic Drug Testing Form) will be completed by medical review officer (MRO) when the results of your drug test results are available, and the form will be provided to the applicant or to the U.S. Coast Guard

Contact Us:  120-10 15th Ave. Rm. 6 College point, N.Y. 11356

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