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CDC: All about your A1C for diabetics and others at risk

HgB A1C level and diabetes in commercial truck drivers

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A Driver’s Guide to the DOT Physical Urine Dipstick Test.

Source: Interpretation of Bedside Urinalysis This post was published in Life In the Fast Lane , a blog from a group of docs from down under (Australia/ New Zealand), and would serve well to answer many of the questions you may have during your DOT physical about the urine test. How accurate is the urine […]

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MedlinePlus: Preparing for surgery when you have diabetes

After hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes is probably the most common problem encountered during the DOT physical examination.  In the last group of drivers we evaluated, approximately 4 drivers in a row tested positive for glucose in their urine.  Some confessed that they were previously diagnosed but didn’t disclose it right away and others were […]

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