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A Driver’s Guide to the DOT Physical Urine Dipstick Test.

Source: Interpretation of Bedside Urinalysis This post was published in Life In the Fast Lane , a blog from a group of docs from down under (Australia/ New Zealand), and would serve well to answer many of the questions you may have during your DOT physical about the urine test. How accurate is the urine […]

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Regulatory Issues, Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association

This OOIDA page will help you with the new medical certification requirements and the regulatory issues affecting truck drivers. Fighting for the rights of truckers and providing truck industry related benefits, services, rebates, insurance on trucks, education and tools for the trucking industry in grain valley, missouri and beyond. Source: Regulatory Issues, Owner-Operator Independent Drivers […]

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Medical Applications and Forms – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The FMCSA announces a 120-day grace period during which Medical Examiners may use either the current or the newly revised versions of the Medical Examination Report (MER) Form and Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC). This period is from December 22, 2015, until April 20, 2016. This action is being taken to ensure that Medical Examiners have […]

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