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New Rules! For DOT Physicals.

I hope that Bill Maher doesn’t mind I borrow the title of this post from that popular segment of his on HBO, but I do think the time is ripe for New Rules! for DOT physicals that is. As everyone should be aware of (by everyone I mean truck drivers, doctors, motor carriers, and any one […]

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FMCSA Denies OOIDA Request To Delay The Compliance Date For Seeing Medical Examiners Listed In The National Registry

As reported in Overdrive late yesterday afternoon, the FMCSA denied the OOIDA’s legal petition  filed on April 8, 2014 for a delay to the enforcement date of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME).  The OOIDA felt there would not be enough medical examiners available to serve the 4.4 million plus commercial drivers.  However, […]

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