DOT Physical Exam – Driver Qualification Requirements

DOT Physical New York Services Offered

DOT/CDL Physical Examination
   391.41 Physical Qualification for Drivers   
  • No loss of foot, leg or other extremity unless accompanied by a Skill Performance Evaluation (SPE) Certificate.
  • No impairment of hand or finger which interferes with prehension or power grasping or other extremity impairment which interferes with the ability to operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) unless driver has a SPE certificate.
  • No history or diagnosis of diabetes mellitus requiring the use of insulin (unless has a diabetes exemption; see Federal Diabetes Exemption  Program).
  • No cardiac disease (heart attack, chest pain etc) that may cause loss of consciousness, collapse or affect ability to operate a CMV(see cardiac guidelines).
  • No respiratory dysfunction that may interfere with ability to operate a CMV.
  • No current diagnosis of high blood pressure likely to interfere with ability to operate a CMV.
  • No rheumatic, arthritic, orthopedic, muscular, neuromuscular, or vascular disease likely to interfere with ability to operate a CMV.
  • No epilepsy or other medical condition likely to cause loss of consciousness or affect ability to operate a CMV   ( see on the new FMCSA Seizure Exemption).
  • No mental nervous or psychiatric disorder that may interfere with operation of a CMV.
  • Distant visual acuity of at least 20/40 or better in each eye with or without corrective lenses (Snellen chart), field of vision of at least 70 degrees in the horizontal meridian in each eye, and ability to recognize colors showing standard red, green and amber.
  • First perceives forced whispered voice in better ear at not less than 5 feet.  If audiometric testing used no average hearing loss in better ear of more than 40 decibels at 500hz, 1000hz, and 2000 Hz with or without a hearing device.


Other Services Offered:

Urine Drug Testing

  • Urine drug testing for DOT: THC, COC, PCP, OPI, AMP.
  • Pre-employment, Random, Reasonable Suspicion/Cause, Post Accident, Return to Duty, Follow up, Other.
  • Please drink some water prior to visit to be prepared to give a urine sample.

Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing

  • Evidential Breath alcohol testing. Screening test and Confirmation test. Random, Reasonable suspicion, Post accident, Return to duty, Follow-up, Pre-employment.



About Randolph Rosarion M.D.

Board Certified physician in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R) Certified National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME) Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) USCIS designated Civil Surgeon Certified Examiner of Divers (Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine Society) FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner (AME)

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