Archive | March 2, 2014

DOT Physical Exam – Driver Qualification Requirements

DOT Physical New York Services Offered Square Market NRCME DOT/CDL Physical Examination    391.41 Physical Qualification for Drivers    No loss of foot, leg or other extremity unless accompanied by a Skill Performance Evaluation (SPE) Certificate. No impairment of hand or finger which interferes with prehension or power grasping or other extremity impairment which interferes with the ability to operate a Commercial Motor […]

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DOT Physical Examination Requirement and NYS CDL Drivers With a K Restriction

In New York State a K restriction means that the Commercial Driver can only operate his vehicle within NYS or in other words INTRA-State only.  However, please remember that this does not mean that you do not need a Medical Examiner’s Certificate.  NYS DOT follows  Federal DOT guidelines and unless you operate only in exempted […]

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