Who Is Subject To DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing?

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Safety sensitive employees are subject to DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing.

Federal Initiatives include:  On September 15, 1986 President Ronald Regean issued Executive order 12564 – Drug -Free Federal Workplace Program.  This set Department Of Transportation (DOT) agency responsibilities for establishing a plan to achieve a drug-free workplace.  The 1988 Mandatory Guidelines For Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs set the scientific and technical standards for drug testing of Federal employees and for certification of drug testing laboratories.  Another Federal Initiative in 1988, The Drug -Free Workplace Act required Federal contractor and grantee certification to provide a drug free workplace (including a written drug policy, employee awareness and notification of violations of drug policies in the work place).  Other DOT anti-drug rules were issued in 1988 and implemented in 1990.

There were several fatal accidents attributed to illegal drug and alcohol use that prompted new laws to be passed.  The U.S…

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