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Types of Color Vision Tests – AOPA

Types of Color Vision Tests – AOPA. Color blindness is a mostly an inherited vision abnormality where there is deficiency in perception of red, green, and blue due to abnormality of cone cells located in the eye.  Red-green color blindness is passed from mother to son on the 23rd chromosome (sex chromosome).   The 23rd […]

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FMCSA’s New Proposed Rule to Amend Driver Qualification Standards for Insulin Treated Diabetes.

Originally posted on DOT FMCSA-FAA-USCG-Rules-Regulations| Randolph Rosarion M.D.:
This proposed rule was published today 5/04/2015 and may very well be: The most important this year regarding driver qualification standards. The immediate link is available by going to Docket ID: FMCSA-2005-23151 at the website or simply clicking this provided link to read the document in…

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