The Federal Vision Exemption Program-New Proposed Changes and Distinction from 49 CFR 391.64

391.64 box on medical examiner’s certificate and the waivers/ exemptions box- Still a source of confusion for some drivers and motor carriers.

DOT FMCSA-FAA-USCG-Rules-Regulations| Randolph Rosarion M.D.

Federal Vision Exemption Program:  The current Vision Exemption Program was established in 1998.  It was preceded by the Vision Waiver Program of 1992.  The criteria used to determine commercial driver eligibility, as well as the condition and reporting standard that must be met by drivers approved for participation, was established in the Waiver Program, and later implemented into the 1998 Exemption Program.  Go to Federal Vision Exemption Program for information on what the requirements are for a driver to be considered for an exemption. (Separate applications exist for Florida and Indiana due to different accident and citation reporting requirements in those states.  Applicant from those States have to submit a full driving record).

Vision exemptions are considered on a case by case basis.  There are specific standards that must be met with the better eye, as well as optometrist/ opthalmology evaluation, to include formal perimetry readings for each eye…

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